Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Video evidence of my insanity.

I present the long awaited video of our first Canine Freestyle performance!  (There are two run throughs of our routine on the video.)

This was taken at our last Freestyle class at Gentle Touch Pet Training back in February.   I got a bit lost towards the end of the 1st run, but I think we faked-it alright. 

Hoagie did fantastically, especially considering he had a bit of a traumatic run in with another dog in the class.  One of our classmates lost control of her dog during their routine, and he decided to be a bit forward greeting Hoagie.  As I may have stated before, Hoagie isn't exactly the "meet and greet" type when it comes to unfamiliar dogs.  With the help of Ivy and Teah, we were able to break things up, and after a little breather, Hoagie came out ready to shake his tail for a second run.

Despite the drama, everyone in the class did really well.  It was truly entertaining watching everyone work with their canine dance partners.  Between our performances I was able to get some great photos of all our classmates.  The pictures came  out a bit blurred due to the low light in the room, but let's just pretend they are intentionally dramatic action shots! (and not just due to me avoiding distracting the dogs with the camera flash).

Donna and Booker

Their pink theme was adorable!

Taz the Golden rockin' it!

Shiraz the cocker lookin' cute!

Teah, the owner of Gentle Touch with her English Cocker, Shamie.

I love the look on Teah's face in this picture.

Our starting pose.

Awesome figure eights!

Toe touches!

High five!  Ta-da!

Hopefully we will be able to continue working on our freestyle routine as we learn more moves and improve our skills.  We had lots of fun and look forward to plenty more doggy-dancing silliness!  Enjoy the video, but be nice, it's our first attempt.  Thanks, as always for reading!

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  1. This is so awesome!!! You are the best kind of crazy dog lady.

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