Friday, November 12, 2010

Walking frustrations

So I suppose that a large part of me writing this blog is to keep track of my progress. I thought I might start with something that has been endlessly frustrating since the day we got Hoagie, and of which I was vividly reminded today...walking on a leash.

Granted, we have made some progress. At first I wasn't sure if we had really adopted a borgi or a miniature sled dog.

So we of course tried a couple different options, and ended up using a head halter, with

Now don't get me wrong. Working with a head halter has helped some, but as we were reminded today, when you become dependent on a tool like a head halter, any progress goes out the window when you have to go without.

I've had to change tactics. I'm now doing my best to stick to only positive reinforcement training techniques. The key to progress toward a calm dog walking by my side has been treats and praise. Hoagie is beginning to think that walking by my side makes it rain treats. This has however created a new problem.

He gets his treat and then goes back to whatever exciting distraction he was focused on. I really do think that this will eventually work with continued work and time...but it sure is frustrating right now.

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  1. Two words...prong collar. Not a choker, but a prong collar. Safe, power steering for your crazy puppy. Our training has gone about a bajillion times more smoothly since investing in one. I'll find out where our trainer gets hers because there are a lot of unsafe ones out there, but if you get the right one, it's magic.